North Malabar Printing Consortium Pvt Ltd.


About us

The cluster association and SPV (North Malabar Printing Consortium Pvt Ltd.) have undertaken several intiatives in the past for development of industry.These include:

* Established and successfully operating a raw material bank.
* Underaking several exposure visits to successful clusters and benchmark technology in India and abroad (“Drupa Fair’ in Germany).
* Initiation of a training course on print technology

Cluster firms basically undertake single or two colour jobs. Multi-colour jobs are usually outsourced to locations like Bangalore and Sivakasi.  This fact has been affecting profitability orientation.  Many cluster units have already fallen sick. Resource limitations and skilled manpower constraints have been affecting performance.  In this context, cluster firms have implemented a common facility centre named PRINTING CLUSTER KANNUR, involving:

* Design and computer to plate facility
* Training facility comprising different multi and single color web offset and sheet fed printing presses
* Quality finishing facility

* Assistance is being explored under public-private partnership schemes of the Govt. of India in this context.

Envisaged Impact of interventions
* Ability to offer single as well as quality multi-colour printing facilities could held retain & expand market base.
* Profit margins of cluster firms could at least double; the trend of units closing down (already about 10 percent in the last 3 years) will be curtailed.
* Ensuring sustainable employment opportunities for the thousand of labour force in the cluster (scope for directly increasing empl. by at least 1000 persons).
* Increasing wages of trained cluster manpower by at least 50 percent.
* Skill upgradation of about 300 manpower (48 existing and 252 fresh every year or 1500 persons in a 5 year time timeframe.
* Competitive market orientation of cluster firms with competitiveness and quality in processing.

* While 33 members are directly contributing to the project and will be beneficiaries, facility also open for use by non-members and therefore hundreds of micro enterprises will be benefited.

In this context, we have hosted a website and would appreciate a message from your respected self, which could  serve as a source of encouragement to our members.